One of these CEOs tries to act like your cool uncle, but actually censors his customers' Internet. Can you guess which one?

Randall Stephenson - AT&T Marcelo Claure - Sprint Lowell McAdam - Verizon John Legere - T-Mobile


During a twitter Q&A, our friends at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) asked John Legere whether T-Mobile's BingeOn program throttles videos, pointing to recent testing data that suggest the company is violating FCC net neutrality rules. Legere's response was an over the top attack: “Who the fuck are you, EFF? Why are you stirring up so much trouble? And who pays you?”

The thing is, EFF is right: since throttled videos are broken for viewers, Legere's policy censors hundreds of millions of video makers. Creators shouldn't have to register with T-Mobile just to avoid censorship!

File an FCC net neutrality complaint against T-Mobile.